• King Air / Seating Solutions

    King Air Aft Fold Down Jump Seat Kit, Dual

    Our aft jump seats are interchangeable with the OEM jump seats, and our lead time is typically less than 2 weeks! You can utilize the existing OEM installation hardware if aircraft is so equipped. If aircraft has not been previously equipped with an instal ... details

  • King Air / Seating Solutions

    King Air 2 Place Divan

    Nothing transforms a King Air interior like a side-facing divan! Our 2-Place King Air Divan is also popular for medical attendant and Special Missions applications. In many cases, 32-0152 will allow you to accommodate additional passengers. Divan kits in ... details

  • BeechJet / Seating Solutions

    Beechjet 3-Place Divan

    Nothing transforms the interior of the Beechjet 400 like a side facing divan. While allowing additional passenger options, it also provides a more open, modern look to the cabin. This side-facing divan kit is for installation in the Beechjet and Hawker B ... details

  • Cessna / Exterior Solutions

    Cessna 340 Tail Cone Stinger

    The Avfab fiberglass Tailcone Stinger is built to provide customers with a value and quality-oriented product. The original Cessna ABS Stinger has a tendency to deform and crack, which is the result of poor resistance to UV rays and solvents. If you've eve ... details

  • Beechcraft / Component Repair

    Beechcraft Hydrolok Repair

    AvFab pioneered the quick-turn around overhaul of Hydrolok seat recline cylinders to "like new" condition at the fraction of the cost of a new replacement cylinder with the same warranty as new! ... details

  • Beechcraft / Component Repair

    Beechcraft Seat Repair

    AvFab Seat Repair was designed to provide an FAA Approved repair to the Beechcraft seat structure making it “stronger than new”. Many of the original seat frames are cracked and even broken, and this repair substantially saves time and money when compa ... details

  • King Air / Seating Solutions

    Traveler Seat Video

    The Traveler Seat is a high density, airline-style seat engineered for lightweight durability and affordability, it implements features that make it conducive to maximum high density applications. It was designed to enhance the ease of occupants ingress an ... details

  • Cessna / Stretchers

    Aeromed Capabilities

    STC Approved Stretchers provides operators with the option of transporting an ill or non-critical patient. The kit was designed as an economical alternative to complete medevac systems. This unit is ideal for those operators who don't need critical care me ... details