• Citation / Cabin Upgrades

    Citation Toilet Seat Kit, Flushing

    These units are perfect for Citation operators who desire to remove the toilet from the aft section of the aircraft, especially those who are installing an aft couch. ... details

  • Citation / Stretchers

    Cessna Citation Stretcher Kit

    The stretcher kit provides a Cessna Citation operator with the option of transporting an ill or non-critical patient. The kit was designed as an economical alternative to complete medevac systems. This unit is ideal for those operators who don't need criti ... details

  • Citation / Component Repair

    Citation Seat Repair Kit, Aft Facing

    The AvFab Seat Cessna Citation Repair Kit was designed to provide an FAA Approved repair to Citation I and II series passenger seats that actually upgrades the seat structure to “stronger than new”. Many of the original seat frames are cracked and even ... details

  • Citation / Seating Solutions

    Citation 1 Place Lounge Seat Extension

    A must have product for any Citation I operator! This kit is designed to take advantage of the unutilized space between the right hand lounge seat and the seat behind it which faces aft. It can be installed when the passenger load requires an additional se ... details

  • Citation / Seating Solutions

    Citation 2 Place Divan

    Nothing transforms a Citation interior like a side-facing divan! Divans provide a modern, open, comfortable atmosphere and in many cases, will allow you to accommodate additional passengers. In this case two 2 place divans can be installed to create one 4 ... details

  • Citation / Component Repair

    Citation Heated Liquid Container Services Coffee Warmer

    Repair and/or Overhaul- Services are performed by certified Airframe mechanics and Repairmen who have learned many techniques that are unique to the Hot Liquid Container and Coffee Warmer unit types. Exchange units are available for most models. We servic ... details