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AvFab Receives Canadian Validation for Pilatus PC-12 Medical Stretcher Kit

Aviation Fabricators of Clinton, Missouri has received a Supplemental Type Certification #SA17-35 from Transport Canada for AvFab’s Pilatus PC-12 Medical Stretcher Kit.  AvFab’s Pilatus PC-12 Medical Stretcher Kit provides an operator with the option of transporting an ill or injured, non-critical patient. These stretchers are ideal as an economical alternative to complete Medevac systems for the operator who doesn’t need critical care medical equipment. “We saw a need for an entry-level Stretcher Kit that would benefit charter, or corporate, or even some private operators, who could realize more utility from their PC-12 without having to purchase a full-blown medevac unit,” says AvFab’s G.R. Lowe, “and it’s light weight and easy to install.” Models are available for both left hand and right hand installation. Kit includes the stretcher, mattress, Ferno 12-1 adjustable patient litter, safety restraint system, complete installation instructions, diagrams, and weight and balance data.